How to understand the blood, cold, wet, wind, virtual Chinese medicine world

As we discussed in detail the significance of the right temperature on the human body, as well as lower the temperature of their own, the consequences for future generations. Then, the temperature of the body rely on to maintain? And what factors? In order to better understand the temperature, we need to learn the "blood" and "cold" and "wet" and "wind" and "virtual" and other basic medical knowledge.

What is the blood 

Blood, opaque liquid flow in the blood vessels, is one of the basic material to constitute the human body and life-sustaining activities, the activities of the various organs and tissues of the body to provide utrition and moisture.

The total amount of human blood is about 7% to 8% of body weight, such as body weight 60 kg, the blood is about 4200 to 4800 ml. Various causes rupture of blood vessels can cause bleeding, if the bleeding is less, not more than 10% of the total blood volume, you can quickly recover by the body's self-regulation; blood loss, 20% of the total blood volume , pulse rate, blood pressure and other symptoms occur; blood loss in a short time to reach 30% or more of the systemic blood, it may be life-threatening. In addition to the body ischemia caused by the accident, life is due to malnutrition, gastrointestinal digestion and absorption features caused by poor chronic ischemia, the bane of this is caused by various diseases and physical aging and degradation.

Western and Chinese medicine in different detection methods and clinical use of blood. Western of hemoglobin to determine the quality of blood. Hemoglobin content of red blood cells per unit area, referring to the concentration of the blood. Popular point that if the blood is likened to the various organs of the body to eat rice, then the hemoglobin (blood concentration) in the various organs of dry food to eat, and low hemoglobin (low blood concentration) in the various organs can only eat porridge. Chinese medicine is often referred to "blood enough," blood loss "refers to the level of total blood volume of the human body, which means that the supply of various organs is a bowl of rice or half-bowl too. Chinese look at the complexion, skin, hair external characteristics, temperature Tanmo extremities, ophthalmic, ear, nose, mouth, and the functional response of various organs to determine the adequacy of total body blood, organ there is no "eat."

Then the combination of traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine point of view, the conclusion is: If your total blood volume, hemoglobin also normal, it means that each organ in your body to eat sufficient quantities of cooked rice, the body dynamic, all organs can be in normal operation; If your total blood volume, but normal hemoglobin, it means that your organs did not eat, but also eat cooked rice, this time the various organs are still normal operation, but motivated inadequate, prone to fatigue, decreased resistance and other symptoms, is often said that the sub-health state; If your total blood volume is less, at the same time the quality of the blood can not be guaranteed, it means that your organs not only did not eat, and eat porridge, over time, the various organs due to insufficient blood supply will bring the body to various diseases.

The heart did not eat, will palpitation, shortness of breath, chest tightness, jump no more want to take a break, there have fruit intermittent, the number of heartbeats will be getting slower and slower. The heart is sensitive to ischemia, ischemia will cause heartache, which is to remind you not to eat it. If you no matter where it, or just give it to eat some vasodilator drugs, there is reason not improved. Ischemic phenomenon is further aggravated, vascular filling can not be caused occlusion, myocardial infarction, and even life-threatening.

Did not eat brains, light dizziness, memory loss, severe cases, cerebral ischemia, cerebral infarction. Over time, there is no sufficient blood watered, his mind began to "lose weight", it may lead to brain atrophy, Alzheimer's disease.

Enough to eat liver, the human body "chemical plant" on the discount. Such as 1 kg of meat before eating, it will be meat into the human body needs energy to the body, after the hungry, powerless, and eat so much meat, it can only be seven two meat into energy, while no power to deal with the remaining two of the meat, which the rest had the form of fat piled up ---- accumulation in the liver, the formation of fatty liver, accumulate in the blood vessels, the formation of high blood cholesterol.

The kidney did not eat the detoxification work it does on the quality and quantity completed, the only completed part of the task, and various metabolic product of the body can not be discharged in vitro, there will be a high uric acid, urea and symptoms.

The pancreas is also able to secrete enough insulin in the fed state, insulin secretion is inadequate, and did not eat, the decline of glucose metabolism, excess sugar remains in the blood vessels, blood glucose increased.

Various organs within the body are the same, did not eat for a long period of time, the quality of rice to poor organ function will decline across the board. A little trouble, a little bacterial infection, are likely to lead to human very ill a long time and can not be recovered.

Therefore, blood is what I focus on treatment and prevention, the adequacy of blood depends entirely on our Yi food and nutrition is rich, with whether it is reasonable, as well as gastrointestinal digestion of food, absorption capabilities. Therapeutic needs throughout the life of the people, and the implementation of every day, every meal above. "Iron rice is a steel, not eaten a good meal, did not eat.

Body there is the reaction will be uncomfortable, uncomfortable. Long-term pay no attention to diet, do not pay attention to the protection of your gastrointestinal, your body will not be healthy, all kinds of sick is not surprising.

What is cold 

Cold, a feeling, cold and hot temperature is relative. The cold winter air, in the case of low temperatures or sudden drop in temperature, are easy to form pathogenic cold and pathogenic. The cold, cold, condensation, block features. Cold overcast, heat of sun. When the cold invades the human body, blood lost yang warmth to the poor runs, clogging of the barrier.

The cold there is contraction, the role of occlusion. Yuhan tendons tightening, shrink the whole person on the inside, limbs, flexion and extension negative. Sweat pores Yuhan will be shut down, blocked, is not easy sweat.

General pain, pain is an important feature due to cold pathogenic, regardless of the limbs, joint pain or upset, stomach pain, abdominal pain, headache, etc., have a direct relationship with the cold. Cold with heat addition, heat is slow, less is more. Heat is a magic weapon for the treatment of all poor circulation, in the diet to eat warm, spicy food Quhan; more clothes warm dispelling; can use a variety of physical methods such as hot packs, physical therapy, Ai smoked local heating Quhan .

What is wet 

Wet is a water molecule is present in the objects in the performance, otherwise it is dry. The human body as a clothes dry when relaxed, comfortable, moisture, heavy viscosity. Moisture from the clothes, the sun comes out can be dried, winds will be able to dry. Body of water, as long as the foot yang within the body, that is, kidney feet of water also soon be able to rise, evaporation, dissolved in our blood, our body.

When our body kidney deficiency, low body temperature, blood circulation, speed will slow down, the diet of water and moist environment inside the body of water can not quickly by the body, heavy down the characteristics of exposed, such as limbs acid weight, chest, stomach bloating, nausea, shapeless stool, severe diarrhea, urine is not smooth, reduced the amount of urine, and lower extremity edema, eczema, women, vaginal discharge, cloud this is the case .

Living Enlightenment is: as long as the urine excretion smoothly, and can bring out the water can be swelling, excess can not be used in addition to inflation. The urine is smooth and renal function of the strength of a great relationship, kidney feet is the key to the humidity and

What is the wind 

The wind is an invisible nature of the flow of gas. Static, balanced state, not the wind, the only imbalance Enthusiasm conditions, the flow between hot and cold before the formation of the wind.

Chinese medicine mentioned related diseases with the wind of the human body there are many good, versatile rubella, urticaria, "the wind of action" dizziness, tremor Neck stiff pain, Kouyanwaixie, and limbs convulsions, hyperactivity, as well as easy up outside the divergence of nasal congestion runny nose, itchy throat cough.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, said the wind is "riddled with long. The wind is cold, wet, dry, hot intrusive body of the pilot, is the main factor to cause human illness. That is, when our internal body organs and between organs, between the meridians and organs, meridians and meridian between the Enthusiasm, there is an imbalance, disharmony, when cold, wet, dry take advantage of the heat will be guided by the wind, so our body will show a variety of diseases.

The only adequate blood under the premise that in meridian smoothly under the guarantee, our body to be balanced, harmonious, and not only "the wind comes up, so our bodies can not be a variety of xternal pathogenic factors hurt.

What is virtual 

Virtual and real is relative, in fact, is full strength; virtual is loose, weak, powerless.

Is the physical body real good, righteousness enough, energetic, normal function of various organs. Imaginary and the weak are linked to the virtual body is poor physical fitness, lack of righteousness, fatigue, organ dysfunction. When the blood is sufficient, the functioning of various organs of the body, the body is real. Blood, blood thin is the weakness of a variety of symptoms. Blood and quality is good or bad the body is real or imaginary.

In addition, these types of phenomena will make the weak:

Excessive massage, Gua Sha, makes the body loose, boring.

excessive Games for the physical fatigue, excessive consumption and lead to weakness.

excessive sex life, will soon let the body empty weak.

to take a laxative and heat, cold food can cause diarrhea, urine, make the body weak.

over-promoting blood circulation (eg, hot bubble bath, steam bath, etc.) Too many blood will flow to the skin, internal organs empty, the body will obviously feel tired.

These phenomena, if only occasionally or moderate in life, the body is beneficial. Will be excessive injury to the body. Do these things, such as through the diet to make up the blood, the body of the virtual will soon disappear.

By the way of cold 

I met many people suffering from cancer or other serious illness, has the experience of the cold.

A 44-year-old woman, suffering from lung cancer, bone cancer, kidney cancer. The woman is always low heat hair, little effect in the conventional treatment a month later, CT examination revealed that the lungs have two lumps, and continue to do further checks, the results so that everyone by surprise, the tumor had distant metastasis, three months after the death. The family can not understand that her body has always been good, and rarely get sick, just the last couple of years the body is weak, and how suddenly such a heavy disease? Questioning of history, we learned that the woman two years ago conducted an abortion (abortion). Choose the hospital journey farther, take five or six hours to reach and fatigue bumps along the way rushed to the hospital. On his way home after surgery, we are faced with heavy rain, because they can not bring rain gear, body wet, home after a cold and fever, went to the hospital transfusion medicine, soon control the disease, but later the body was weak, the common cold, often backache, low back pain, she always thought that small problems did not seriously, it was too late when the body appears obvious discomfort to the hospital for a body check. The root cause of her illness is that the flow's the weakest body when the kidneys weakest when they met in the rain, cold and dampness invade the body, direct injury of the kidney. Go to the hospital to catch cold after infusion, it is cold on cold. If not take this approach, or in the use of this method at the same time, drink lots of ginger, brown sugar, water, and add ginger, boil water with the leaves feet go cold sweat, blood, kidney and try to eat after the diet food, her body might have restored to original condition, while not like this middle-aged to premature death.

Many people sick, as well as the root cause of many diseases lies in the "cold". However, medical treatment, are often not aware of this factor. The cold does not get rid of those derived from the disease due to cold how can it be cured?

Whenever I passed through the station to see the station inside and outside a lot of people sleep on the cold ground, I think these people just for a moment to recover from fatigue, and doubtless quest for serious illness. Was very ill, not only lost the ability to work, but also poor on poor curse just because they do not know by the Big Chill will ruin their bodies, and destroying their happy lives.

Whenever I see a cold winter, the streets selling the fruit of the watermelon, banana, persimmon, grapefruit, kiwi and other Big Chill, I do not know how many old people eat cold fruits and caused by vasoconstriction, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases increased, and even unexpected.

Whenever I see those coats are eating cold children, watching them Cang Bai Faqing little face, I think the cold caused by their poor appetite, weak and sickly, then a lot of medication, can cause the vicious cycle of the body, greatly increased the chance of growing up troubles of various diseases, natural greatly reduced the quality of work life, the future of these children really worrying ...

To cold can be seen from all aspects of life: eating too much cold food, drugs; wear too little too exposed; sleep halter, exposed arm, exposed feet; air temperature is adjusted too low, fan of excessive use and so on.

Some people insist on winter swimming can be life, adhere to the perennial cold baths, body and did not get sick, very healthy, why is this? This is because the cold outside suffered only external stimulus, will not get sick depends on your body's internal quality, the only body within the emptiness, less blood loss, and then encountered outside cold invasion will be sick. When your body has adequate internal blood, suitable temperature, righteousness foot of the human body, the more necessary to a strong ability to resist pathogenic cold. Regardless of the season, sub-regional perennial greedy cold food, the harmful effects of the largest direct harm inside the body, direct harm to the kidneys, a direct result of reduction in blood generated. What is the stronghold only from within to destroy and eat cold may cause the body's internal emptiness, than the body by the cold of the outside world is much more serious damage to the body. The most straightforward as saying: the living is hot, dead cold, when you over many years, a variety of ways of cooling the body, and the results from the health and farther.

Therefore, only in every aspect to be taken to avoid the body by the cold in order to allow our bodies to maintain appropriate temperature for the body to provide the most appropriate and comfortable environment for the growth, to ensure the health of our body.

Performance when the alpine re-
The body of the following symptoms or characteristics of alpine representative body:

pale complexion, blue, dark hair, black on behalf of the body may have a cold. The color is more dark, on behalf of the heavier alpine.

tongue whitish, on behalf of the body cold and dampness.
repeated oral ulcers, on behalf of the body cold.
bad breath, tongue white, on behalf of the body cold.
Cough sputum is thin and white, on behalf of the body cold.
runny nose, on behalf of the body cold.
outflow of sweat cold sweat on behalf of the body cold.
love sneezing, especially in the morning, the case of wind sneeze constantly, on behalf of the body cold.
The whole body feel cold and fever, cold, on behalf of the body cold.
Frequent abdominal pain, diarrhea, on behalf of the body cold.
face the Zhangdou and spot on behalf of the body cold.
Eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, on behalf of the body cold.
hands and feet for many years cold, and on behalf of the body cold.
ankle edema, on behalf of the kidney, renal cold.
joint pain, neck pain, frozen shoulder, back pain or other symptoms, on behalf of the body cold and dampness. Of the pain is more, the longer the representative of the heavier body alpine.

Dispelling the cold and wet

Blood enough to dispelling the cold and wet fundamental
Blood sufficient body on foot, kidney, we can guarantee a smooth blood circulation, the body will feel warm and comfortable. Alpine sufficient blood, invigorating flow of blood in front of no place. Alpine, and will not appear on the pain that pain, there would be no long spot, Zhangdou long ringworm.

The body feel warm after exercise
Regular exercise, often manual and do the housework, you will feel the body heat. This is because the movement and heat, played the role of the disperse alpine. However, if you focus only on the movement of the body's blood will be tired after exercise, decreased resistance, cold and dampness will take advantage of the body is still weak and sick.

Appropriate sweating is the best method of dispelling the cold Appropriate sweating can Quhan. Whether sweating after exercise, eat hot food and sweaty feet after a slight sweat, can achieve the effect of dispelling.

Diet Quhan
Eat spicy, warm food Quhan. Due to the different geography and climate, the region has suitable the local Quhan eating habits. Such as the North like to eat onions, ginger, garlic, pepper, beef, lamb warm, high-calorie food row of cold; like spicy Sichuanese; the Guizhou like hot and sour; Hunan people like fried spicy; there are those who like to drink Quhan of wine. Different role in dispelling cold, dampness, warmth.

Hyperthermia Quhan
The hyperthermia Quhan is one of the ancient times people use simple, natural, effective dispelling method. Some hot water bottle or heated sand, stone, salt, paraffin fomentation; some of the pain moxa smoke, or paste parts or points of pain such as ginger or sliced ‚Äč‚Äčonion, then Ai smoked; The blisters dispelling the in liquid boiled, smoked, etc; the irradiation Quhan some with a variety of physiotherapy equipment; scraping, cupping Quhan. Can be said to have in the hospital, civil many Quhan methods, these methods can alleviate to some extent, and treatment of various diseases caused due to cold and dampness.

Homemade topical dispelling wine
Take pepper 50 g soaked into 250 ml of liquor (55 degrees). The whole of the pepper to soak for a week before using, and pepper into the chipper labeled powder, soak 1 to 2 days. (Pepper to the supermarket to buy a quality good, do not buy pepper powder, sold in small roadside stalls to prevent counterfeiting, affect the efficacy.)

Pepper and warm, warm, cold and cold-dispelling can be in addition to six internal organs, and can pass blood, adjusting joints, warm waist and knee. Wine with pepper rub the painful area, the upper and lower back and forth rubbing green moxa smoke rub, you can also Wu on a hot water bottle, careful not to burn through clothing Wu, this method of treatment of low back pain, knee swelling pain, frozen shoulder and other good results.

Self-do Quhan pad
The public has a recipe: in the dog days of summer, the ginger and squeeze juice into juice, take cotton on which soak a little squeeze, do not screw directly into the sun to dry until dry. Cotton cloth wrapped, sewn into a small cotton pad. In the winter, which parts of the pain, it will be a small cloth pad sewn in personal clothes inside the corresponding painful area, has been worn, the general use of the half, and back to a new. When used in this ginger cotton pad outside Wu on a hot water bottle, the effect will be better. (Note: a small pad does not have to do in the summer, in fact, winter can.)

Ginger and warm, with the role of warm and cold, warm the stomach and vomiting. This method in addition to the treatment of neck, shoulder, waist, legs and other parts of the pain, can also treat the elderly in winter most vulnerable to commit old chronic bronchitis (chronic bronchitis), asthma. Old chronic bronchitis, asthma may be the kidney, causing kidney cold, suffering from old chronic bronchitis and asthma, the elderly, the waist to keep warm. Ginger pad behind his back and waist, and put on a hot water bottle Wu, can also give the hot water bottle to be a bag, back in the back or tied around the waist is more convenient.

Quick dispelling the cold and wet
I use the most, the fastest way to dispelling the cold and wet, only adults.

As follows:
The ginger, cut into thin slices, on a pot of steaming hot steamed soft and ready to use.
Summer with 6 to 8 green Ai (for winter use 8 to 10), to the stationery store to buy a large clip to grip the moxa or moxa tape and bind them in a row, lit.

the steamed ginger paste on the back. Lit rows moxa, to maintain the slowly moving away from the ginger half inch to an inch of the distance between the upper and lower. Usually smoked 30 to 40 minutes. Try to stay away some pain. Smoked in early, and some people will feel the hot pain, it is because the meridian unreasonable, a lot of heat can not be quickly dissipated, behind the meridians is smooth, even if an entire row of moxa close from the back rarely feel the pain, there will only be warm and comfortable feeling. Smoked after remove the ginger, ginger skin is wet, wet ginger slices, the body of alpine heavy. Body alpine few tens of minutes after the young Ai smoked ginger slices should be crisp on the skin is dry.

Around the belly and navel paste ginger, smoked 20 to 30 minutes up and down.
5 in both legs on the outside, inside, up and down from the ankle to the knee, back and forth to each smoked 10 to 20.

6 in the lateral pairs of arms, outside the customs points up and down the back and forth 20 to 30 smoked.
Dark gray are generally After systemic Ai smoked about an hour, because the warm moxibustion accelerate blood circulation, the patient will feel the body warm, comfortable, relaxing face and hands caused by alpine re-clogging of the meridian receded, and his face becomes bright, shiny some.

Body smoked moxa and blood circulation, blood in the body of people smoked, chest tightness, palpitation, dizziness and other symptoms. Therefore, the old and serious diseases are not suitable for smoke, especially not smoked back and legs, smoked only smoked belly to the navel. Frail person smoked each time should be reduced. Do care only for a month smoked once, winter is the season of collection, it is best to not do the body Ai smoked, only the abdomen Ai smoked. Due to the use of moxa, smoke, best range hood in the kitchen next to the treatment, so that you can smoke in a timely manner take away.

Why the body cold, but felt the hot
Everyone has the experience of "lit", for example, cause the body dry and hot summer weather is hot, eat the food lit mouth sores, dry stool, as well as anger Wang quick tempers, heat a large, chronic illness of wang ".

TCM will "fire" into real fires and false fire, real fire treatment using the heat down as reducing method, the virtual fire and fill method.

As long as it is a real fire, the most commonly used in Chinese medicine, detoxification, and down as medicine and Western anti-inflammatory drugs are symptomatic, ate three days certainly pathogenic fire. Now simply a real fire has been less and less, and most of them imaginary fire.

"Yellow Emperor": "this Cardiff fever, are typhoid fever and the like ... people of the injured in the cold, or disease hot out here that because of the cold blast. If pathogenic cold excessive, the body is fever, the fever, which means that the virtual fire is actually caused by the cold.

Why the cold heavy contrary will cause the "fire"? Described above, the direct consequence of the cold body weight caused harm to the kidneys, causing kidney deficiency, kidney deficiency, resulting in dysfunction of various organs, blood deficiency. Kidney in the five elements of Chinese medicine is water, water irrigation, nourishing the body, when the human body, water shortages, as the land of water shortage, the body will be dry. The same organs, each organ need to work, exercise, if this movement is the lack of water moisture, it is easy to friction and heat. The most typical is the liver, the liver is wood, and most in need of irrigation water, water shortage, liver dry, very obvious anger. If enough water to the liver, the liver always maintain a moist state, it can not dry, there would be no fire.

There are head and face is most likely to get angry parts. Kidneys bone marrow, the mastermind of yang deficiency, kidney deficiency marrow empty, the remote head first ischemia, which is "dry", the natural reaction is to dry symptoms such as dry eyes, dry mouth , Shezao, throat, sore throat. Coupled with the mouth, throat, nose, ear is the organ exposed to the air, more susceptible to bacterial infections, when the blood supply of the neck and head and face reduced immune function, there will be all kinds of discomfort, so the probability of suffering from rhinitis, pharyngitis, periodontitis, tonsillitis, otitis media will increase. The absence of an adequate blood supply, all kinds of inflammation is difficult to cure, and will repeatedly relapse for various long-term healing of chronic diseases such as chronic rhinitis, chronic pharyngitis, chronic periodontitis, chronic otitis media.

Modern regardless of the season a large number of mistakenly eating fruits and vegetables of all kinds of cold, when the long-term use of air conditioning in the summer, when the ladies in order to show the body try to wear fewer clothes, a large number of alpine quietly into the body, natural kidney fire more and more inadequate, false fire growing. Now widely used and purging fire, clear the fire down as cold medicines, which makes cold on cold, true, false on more governance to fire the greater.

In fact, this is not a symptomatic treatment. If you want to get rid of the cold and dampness inside the body, kidney, and are used in warm food. Hyperthermia, Is this not inflame it? Indeed, there are virtual fire generally there are "virtual free fill", but the status of such compensatory time shall not be just an illusion.

Patients encountered well done, dredge the meridian massage methods, virtual fire is still great, I let their feet with the leaves of water, soles of the feet with garlic dressing, or eating raw loach pathogenic fire. Especially after eating a few raw loach, virtual fire in their body will soon be able to all wiped out. After the removal of the body the illusion, the present is a cold, then re-use therapeutic blood Kidney, how to eat are not meeting the fire. Soon make up the blood, when the body no longer subject to cold invasion, the fire of your yang, kidney continue to enrich. Kidney adequate, sufficient blood, the body naturally strong, spontaneous regression of a variety of false fire, a variety of chronic inflammatory nature it is easy to cure.

Body the alpine weight also can easily result in the meridian barrier, cooling difficulties, easy to feel hot, hot. Compared with the elderly, children meridian smooth, fast heat dissipation, so the child in the summer, most are not afraid of hot, hot day, still playing in the sun. Elderly meridian is not smooth, not sweating, heat dissipation can not stuffy in the body, people very uncomfortable, uneasy, and only eat cold food before feeling the body cheer. Of course, the hot flashes of this meridian barrier caused by the body not only in the elderly, and now it is generally Tanliang, exercise less, they will naturally cause the blood flow slows down, slows, which can easily lead to the deposition of the meridian blocking, the meridian clogging to bring people, body pain, as well as Zhangdou skin, long spot. Look around, few can say I am very healthy, never had back pain, leg pain, arm pain? Look at the surrounding skin, a few bright color, flexible, long spots, Zhangdou? These are long-term Tanliang related.

Regular exercise, have such an experience, as long as the campaign opened, sweating, it will feel hot natural body disappeared, the whole body relaxed and feel happy, this is because the body temperature was significantly elevated after exercise, blood circulation speed up, sweating in the discharge of cold and dampness, while also able to take a virtual fire, dredge the meridians. This is why most athletes cheerful. No longer depressed after exercise, and attention to nutritional supplement, it will not suffer from depression. The people now is generally Tanliang, think a lot of eating cold food hot flashes, weakness, kidney meridian unreasonable result. Further Tanliang hot is even increased the contraction of blood vessels, meridians, clogging, and thus enter a vicious circle of state.

How humans live in harmony with nature
People to stay healthy, the most basic needs: adequate blood, the appropriate temperature and the smooth flow of the meridians. Whether living in ancient times or now, whether rich or low-income people, senior officials and civilians, but also men, women, physical health needs are the same.

Like a tree, whether it is grown in thousands of years ago the ancient, or growth in the modern; whether grown in the palace, or growth in the wild, it grows the needs of air, sunlight and water. This growth, the basic needs of survival does not change the environment, it will not change due to the change of dynasties, but not because the modern With the rapid development of science and technology, and allow the tree to air, sunlight and water The demand for change.

Who is also the same. For thousands of years, Chinese medicine treatment, disease prevention and the fundamental make up the blood, dredge the meridians. We are now used in traditional Chinese medicine treatment, disease prevention theory, therapeutic methods and dredge the meridians are also thousands of years ago the ancients left us. Is based on the meridian theory of the ancients invented, such as massage, massage, moxibustion, the therapeutic properties of various types of food we provide in accordance with the ancients, efficacy, Taboo, to guide our three meals a day.

But the living environment of the modern and ancient people, living conditions have been greatly different. Ancients follow the sunrise and sunset of the law of life, that our modern lives can not be done; ancient polluted air, water, food, we are not entitled to; the ancients variety of heavy manual labor. modern invention to simplify, and effort. Can not imagine leaving the ancients, modern food is greatly enriched, and a variety of industrial production of food, all kinds of anti-seasonal food, a variety of cold food, beverages, regardless of the season, regardless of region to perennial large supply.

Ancient material deprivation, poor living conditions and health conditions, the ancients more susceptible to malnutrition and various infectious diseases. Modern material, people are also less physical labor, more is excess nutrients. Now the existence of physical decline, physical decline, aging advance, the kinds of incurable diseases frequent, do not seem to like make up too far.

The real cause of modern illness is due to the pollution of air, water, food, serious environmental pollution of our bodies, the meridian is not smooth, more impurities within the blood vessels. In addition, people's body generally alpine weight, blood vessel, the meridian is not smooth, the metabolites of the various organs can not be discharged, and thus clogging the blood vessels and meridians, creating a vicious cycle, so the incidence of a variety of "diseases of affluence" and tumors are also increasingly higher.

I contacted patients, we can say that the vast majority of diseases have a direct relationship with the body of alpine heavy. The modern susceptibility to various diseases in the treatment effect is always unsatisfactory, the reason for this is not symptomatic treatment. Western which drugs can rarely get rid of the cold and dampness inside the body, according to the properties of Chinese food, eat warm food, eat Quhan food, while Ai smoked, sweating method can directly remove the cold humidity, specific treatment methods I have in the book.

When we can not change the external environment and changes, but according to our body should follow the basic principles of maintaining the status quo, to choose the foods we should eat according to their physical needs, to choose the life of our body way, so there may be healthy in the changing environment to survive.

 Special Dit Da Treatment

Herbal Moxa Treatment

 Moxibustion is the one of medicine's oldest therapies, Tang Sun Simiao essays set <<Prescriptions for Emergency>>, to promote the use of moxibustion combined with medication, pay attention to the amount moxibustion. Was also set up a "moxibustion teacher" said the professional shows that moxibustion in China at this time has developed into an independent school discipline. Moxibustion is the use of Ai Shun Yeung fire heat and the drug to the human body to thermal stimulation, the conduction through the meridians and acupoints to regulate the internal organs of the yin and yang balance, in order to achieve the anti-pain treatment, health care purposes.


Cupping is the use of tanks, pipes and other apparatus, so that negative pressure, and adsorption in the muscular form of treatment. TCM believes that this method can not only absorb the attached surface of wind, cold, wet pathogenic factor, but also by stimulating acupoints, to clear the meridians, qi and blood, heat the role of detoxification.

Cans of different devices with different selected points (or area) and with other therapies, this method can be played by the temperature and cold, qi and activating blood, getting a vivid, solid and gas yang, dispelling wind and dehumidification different effects. The main clinical use rheumatism, stomach problems, headaches, colds, cough, low back pain.

All in all aspects of cupping application to pathogenic wind-based disorders, common flash tank method, that is rapid and continuous suction wipe several times. Cold pathogen-based, multi-pot method used to stay. Cupping refers to the adsorption device can repeatedly push and pull, this method is more generous for the dorsal-ventral muscle areas. As the concentration of a bladder organs shu points, Mu points, is the most commonly used method can go through by the site. 

Cupping is also applicable to the adjuvant treatment of cancer to cancer pain are the most suitable. Most patients who can remain a multi-site cupping method, acupuncture points with a flash fire in the remaining 10 to 15 minutes until the cupping area congestion, congestion, it will can be removed.

 Moxibustion treatment of hypertension

Hypertension is an important factor in causing brain disease, can lead to cerebral circulation dysfunction, therefore, control of hypertension can effectively prevent the occurrence of cerebrovascular diseases. Properly used moxibustion buck buck very quick, sometimes faster than the effective antihypertensive drugs, and does not cause blood pressure to low. Regulation by moxibustion with two-way, high blood pressure can drop to low blood pressure rise.  



 Pain Treatment for:

Waist Pain

Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

Low Back Pain

joint swelling and pain


Arthritis Rheumatism

Tennis Elbow








Dit Da Massage



Gua Sha

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